Willie's Remedy

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Willie’s Remedy is meant to celebrate beneficial plant-based healing solutions. 

“Like coffee, cannabis is a plant that works for me.” – Willie Nelson

Hemp-infused coffee became the flagship product of their hemp brand, Willie's Remedy. Now it's a staple backstage, on the bus, at the breakfast table and at the poker table.  Hemp extract provides a balancing effect to coffee's natural lift, while reducing acidity and coffee jitters—a perfect harmony of focus and calm and an ideal way to start the day.

Willie's Remedy is proud to support independent US Farmers. 

  • Organically grown full-spectrum hemp
  • Coffee from the community-forward Colombia Risaralda Co-Op, an early leader in coffee co-ops
  • Coffee from the woman-focused, Fair-Trade-certified SOPPEXCCA Co-Op
  • Patent-pending infusion process
  • GMP and 1S0-9001 standards